Breast Cancer: The Silent Killer

When we get older it is obvious that we need more medical attention, in fact, many children or grandchildren choose to take their elderly relatives to specialized centers like assisted living Tijuana Mexico for their care. But what about when the person’s illness is serious? Cancer is something that is affecting everyone around the world.

In fact, breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death among women, because millions of lives are lost each year due to this disease. Statistics show that lack of timely care is the leading cause of death from breast cancer so that seven out of ten women come to care in late stages, and although 53 percent know that studies should be carried out mammography, 13 percent do not do it due to lack of time.

It should be noted that this disease can be cured if detected early, however, fear, lack of information and early prevention cause this scenario, because according to the Ministry of Health, seven out of ten women come to be attended in stages late.

It should be noted that 43 percent do not study because they do not have the age; those who do not have time are 13%; for ignorance 9%; do not believe it essential 3%; by exposure to the study radiation by 2%; because 1% does not work; another cause 15% and 6% do not know.

About each time the self-exploration is carried out, 38 percent do it monthly; 15 percent, weekly; 11 percent per year and this same percentage never, while 17 percent is in the category of other.

To date, knowledge about breast cancer is insufficient, so attending with a specialist and self-examination remain the core to fight this disease.

Of the 41% of people who have not had a mammogram, 8% declare that they have not done this test since they are afraid to know the results of the study.

When asked about the myths and realities that revolve around this disease, 36% of women believe that bras with rim or rod hinder blood and lymphatic circulation causing cancer, while 72% think that the consumption of Medicinal herbs or supplements prevents the onset of breast cancer.