Importance of Fangs

From the functional point of view, the canine teeth (fangs) are the only ones of their kind, since we only have two. Many people go to the dentist to check the possible removal of these teeth in bad position. Like denying that whenever we think of teeth we think of dentists in Tijuana, and this is very normal because they are responsible for making our smile always look beautiful.

It is very common that people who erupt their fangs in the bad position in addition to feeling uncomfortable with their appearance are victims of innumerable nicknames. The reason why these teeth are the most troublesome is that they are the last to erupt in the upper arch and they have to be accommodated in the space left by the rest of the teeth.

Many of these people come to the dentist to ask them to perform the extraction of the canines and thus remove this problem. However, it is important to point out that in a small percentage (maybe 0.5 percent) of the cases these teeth are candidates for this procedure, either due to problems of resorption, decay or gum diseases.

As we said, the canines are unique in their species; that is, we have two incisors, two premolars, three molars, but only one canine per side. Its function, to tear, is only performed by these teeth. Also during chewing, its shape and position allow them to protect other teeth, even the same jaw joint.

On the other hand, the upper canine is the tooth with the largest and strongest root. For the same reason, strategically speaking, it is the one that best supports a bridge or prosthesis, because it is a very strong pillar. And if that were not enough, the length and thickness of its root generate a bone eminence (called precisely canine eminence) that supports the upper lip; It is common that people with absence of their canines present small premature wrinkles in this lip for lack of adequate support.

And from the aesthetic point of view, this tooth has the exact shape to be placed in the “corner” of the arch. That is to say, it is a transition between the incisors and the premolars. Placing a premolar in its place, besides not going to work with the same efficiency, does not give the aesthetic appearance of a canine.

The idea is to undergo orthodontic treatment (braces) to correct your possible bad position. It is interesting to note that in some cases it is not necessary to extract the premolars to bring the canines to their correct position.

In addition, there are few people who are satisfied with their appearance after removing the canines; Not to mention that his occlusion (or bite) is far from the ideal.

Many end up undergoing orthodontic treatment when they have lost these teeth.


If you have the problem that your canines are in a bad position, before deciding to remove them, first consult with an orthodontic specialist, he will give you the best option.