The power of influencers in marketing strategy

Influencers are becoming increasingly important when planning online marketing strategies for any type of business including dentist  in Tijuana due to the rise of social networks. They are people who have a great presence and a lot of credibility in this type of platforms, and who manage to influence the public with their opinions.

Adglow, one of the most important technology and advertising services companies for social networks, has analyzed its effectiveness and long-term sustainability.

Influencers do not have to be journalists, or actresses, or celebrities. They have a lot of credibility and many people feel identified with their publications.

The brands are willing not only to give them their products and invite them to presentations and trips, but also to hire them as ambassadors.

More and more agencies and brands want to work with influential people in social networks to develop their marketing strategies. The Internet has generated the appearance of people who have become references for a large number of users.

Where do influencers prefer to advertise?

His favorite network is Instagram. With approximately 700 million monthly active users around the world, it offers a large number of potential customers for brands that want to take advantage of the influencers’ power.

According to the influencers marketing agency Mediakix, the Instagram influencers industry has already exceeded one billion dollars in 2017 investment, almost double the previous year. For this year, it is estimated to reach 1,600 million dollars and in 2019, it will reach 2,300 million.

There are many studies that show that influencer marketing can be highly effective: according to a Nielsen study, for every euro invested in influencers, you get 11 return on investment

The brands are increasingly looking for microinfluencers (10,000 and 100,000 followers), which have proven to be more effective. His recommendations are perceived closer than those of those with millions of followers.

Involving them in the online world is the order of the day. Many companies use it as a key marketing tactic to expand the reach of campaigns.